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Advanced Detection for Unwanted Surveillance

Welcome to Overwatch, the cutting-edge surveillance detection solution designed to provide comprehensive protection against unwanted surveillance and alerts you to pro-actively allows you with detering any potential threats. Our unique tactical sensor box solution operates autonomously, employing AI-driven technology to detect and analyze potential threats in real-time.

Real-Time Analysis and Alerts

Overwatch continuously collects and processes information, enabling it to identify and alert you about any suspicious activity. Based on your preferences, the system can trigger alerts when:

  1. Vehicle Surveillance: Overwatch can determine if a specific vehicle is following you. We go beyond LP and deliver this at high speeds and long distances.

  2. Surveillance by people: Whether you're on foot or located at a static location, Overwatch can  identify individuals who may be following you based on our in-house developed Facial Recognition technology.

  3. Device Detection: The system monitors nearby devices, alerting you if any unknown devices are persistently present or exhibiting suspicious behavior.

  4. Active Threat Search: Overwatch can actively search for known suspect vehicles, people and devices while simultaniously look for new potential threats.

  5. Deep Search: Advanced Post Incident Analytics 


Seamless Integration, Adaptive Learning

Unlike other solutions, Overwatch doesn't rely on pre-loaded data or manual input. It learns and adapts in real-time based on the information it collects.  No connection is needed to any cloud or database which guarantees the highest level of privacy. All delivered from a quick deployable small size tactical unit which can be installed in minutes.

Full Service Options

  1. Global Supply and Sale of Overwatch Solution/Products

  2. Rental Services (Available in Supported Countries)

  3. On-Site Installation Support

  4. 24/7 Monitoring

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